April 7, 2012

{Sweet Treats} Happy Easter with Jello Easter Eggs

Happy Easter everyone! Since we're spending the holiday with Jeff's family, I knew I wanted to bring a fun sweet treat. By now, it's almost a tradition that I bring creative "Jello shots" to family functions (my patriotic cups for the Fourth of July and helmets for Super Bowl XLV and XLVI were all big hits). So when I saw these Rainbow Jello Easter Eggs on Pinterest (which I'm loving as evidenced by my Pinterest boards), I knew what I was going to make: Striped Jello Easter Eggs in bright Spring colors.

Like the Super Bowl helmets, I got the molds from the Kraft Corner Store (cost: free plus $2.95 for shipping).  For the stripes, I used Lemon, Peach, and a little bit of Strawberry plus some Cool Whip for the creamier layers (plus a little vodka - but of course, this could be omitted).

The Jello eggs weren't difficult to make - it just took time, patience, and a bit of practice. As you can see from the photo above, I made a few cracked eggs.  To make the eggs;
  • lightly coat the mold with cooking spray
  • alternate layers of Jello mix, hot water and optional vodka with layers of Jello mix, hot water and a little Cool Whip
  • Wait for each layer to almost set (check after 12 minutes)
  • My layers were: Peach Jello; Peach Jello plus Cool Whip; Lemon Jello; Lemon Jello plus Cool Whip; Mix of Peach and Lemon Jello; Peach/Lemon Jello plus Cool Whip; Strawberry plus Cool Whip.  
  • I used a small measuring cup with spout to pour the liquid Jello
We wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Easter!

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