March 12, 2012

{Travel} Julian Serrano (Las Vegas)

Paella ($45) at Julian Serrano in the Aria hotel
Tapas, tapas, tapas...Looking back at our Vegas photos (really, food photos), it does seem like all we did was eat Spanish cuisine. In addition to José Andrés' restaurants (including é by josé andrés), we dined at Julian Serrano's eponymous restaurant.

The danger with tapas is that, as my mom would say, my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I want to try everything and these small dishes become surprising filling. So despite sharing this meal with 2 other people, we left so full, but happy.

Lobster-Pineapple Skewers ($14)
After ordering the paella (it takes 35 minutes to prepare), I quickly ordered a bunch of tapas for our table of four. One of my favorite dishes was this beautiful lobster-pineapple skewer. It was so fresh and combined two of my favorite ingredients.
Huevos estrellados: fried potatoes, eggs, imported Spanish pork chorizo ($10)
Either we were all very full or this dish was the least favorite one, but the Huevos Estrellados was one of the only dishes our table couldn't finish.
(clockwise from top left) Stuffed dates wrapped in applewood bacon ($8); Mediterranean bass with tomato confit and arbol chili ($10); Stuffed piquillo peppers with goat cheese and mushrooms ($10); Black pig pintxo of Iberian pork shoulder meat and caramelized onion ($18) 
Everyone at the table devoured the stuffed dates wrapped in bacon - addictive with their sweet and salty flavor. It was one of Jeff's favorites. The moist bass' skin was nice and crispy while the Iberian pork was tasty.
Bombas ($10): Spicy beef and pork meatballs with Manchego cheese and rocoto peppers 
Jeff's other favorite dish were these fried spicy beef and pork meatballs.  Not surprising since it combined his favorite meats with cheese and a crunchy texture.
Beef and cheese ($17): Prime tenderloin with cheese, honey, and pecans
The beef was nice and tender. By now we were more than full and then the paella showed up. The Valenciana paella ($45) was filled with chicken, rabbit, spanish pork chorizo, vegetables, and saffron rice. It was a tad salty but still worth the try. We'd be happy to re-visit Julian Serrano the next time we're in Vegas - but I'll try to not order the whole menu!

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