February 1, 2012

{Cheap Eats} Prosperity Dumplings and Shanghai Cafe Deluxe

Happy (belated) Chinese New Year! It's the Year of the Dragon and we've been fortunate to celebrate the Lunar New Year in both NYC and Las Vegas.  The Dragon has always been an auspicious sign so hopefully this will be a great year!

It goes without saying that if you're wallet's a little light, Chinatown's a great neighborhood to find some cheap eats. One of the most popular places is Prosperity Dumpling on Eldridge St. It's a small Chinatown shop (assume you're going to get your dumplings to go!), with basically a takeout counter (seating for about 4 people, really tight space).
It was a nice day so we went to a nearby park to enjoy our lunch. These pan-fried pork dumplings were only $1! They were pretty tasty while hot, so don't let them sit. Eat them fast and enjoy!
Dumplings in soup ($2.50): We wish we could have this dish whenever we felt under the weather. A touch salty, but overall hot and comforting. Again the dumplings were great and it would be wonderful on a cold Winter's day.

You can also get a whole lot of frozen dumplings (50 for $9) to take home and defrost if/when it gets cold again. (The weather here in NYC has been all over the place!)
Prosperity Dumpling on Urbanspoon

Afterward, we wandered to Shanghai Cafe for their Soup Dumplings. Be forewarned - it was busy when we were there (we could barely eat without needing to move our seats), had to ask numerous times for water (we finally got it when the bill came), and watched the overwhelmed hostesses give our first table away.

Happily their Pork Crab soup dumplings ($4.95) are pretty good. - not too doughy or overly salty, lots of broth, comes out steaming hot (be careful not to burn your mouth or face). There's a reason why every table in the place had these dumplings on it.
Shanghai Pan-Fried Noodles ($8.95) - I love these crunchy noodles, but by this time we were already full, so we ate about a quarter of the plate before packing it up to go.

Shanghai Cafe Deluxe is located at 100 Mott St. in NYC.
Shanghai Café on Urbanspoon

Happy Year of the Dragon! (Below you'll see some of our many Vegas pics - more to come!)
Caesar's Palace

The Venetian


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