December 21, 2011

{Dining Out} Lunch date at Momofuku Ssam Bar

Duck Sandwich  with iceberg lettuce, spicy mayo, peppadews ($12)
Yesterday was our last day in the city before heading off to Toronto to spend the holidays with my family. So Jeff and I both decided to take the day off (for last minute packing and errands) and treat ourselves to a leisurely lunch at Momofuku Ssam Bar.

We easily got a table when we arrived around 12:30pm. For lunch service, you have to order from the counter in the back space that used to be Milk Bar. After you order, select your own seat and your food is then brought to you. If you love duck and pork, this is the place for you!

Pork buns ($10)
 We started our meal with the Steamed Pork Buns (with hoisin, cucumbers, scallions), which were almost at our table mere minutes after we ordered. Slabs of pork belly just melts your mouth. So good! Most of the tables around were starting with the Pork Buns as well.

Next up was the Duck Sandwich (top photo). Though we enjoyed the crispy bread, tender duck meat, and spicy mayo, I'm not sure we'd order it again. We're definitely glad we tried it (it was quite tasty) and I don't think you'd be disappointed if you ordered it..It's just that after having this next dish, the sandwich doesn't stand a chance.

Duck on rice ($14 + $1 extra for lettuce)
 Loved the Rotisserie Duck on Pork Fried Rice with duck, scallion, ssam sauce, and crispy shallot. Definitely pay $1 more for the lettuce - we enjoyed making our own lettuce wraps with this perfectly cooked duck and all the fixins. We will return for this dish!
After enjoying a duck-filled lunch, we instantly wished we came with a few friends. With a group, you can order the Rotisserie Duck Ssäm with chive pancakes, bibb lettuce, hoisin, duck scallion, crispy shallots and two side dishes. This dish requires reservations in advance. So who's in?

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