June 4, 2011

{Fun Foods Find} Summertime Fun Foods Found in Toronto

Happy Saturday! To celebrate the weekend, I wanted to share a few fun food finds we found while in Toronto.  It always makes me smile when we find something new to us - like the blueberry, kiwi, and rib-eye steak Lays potato chips from China and the cute little kiwi berries from New Zealand.  This time while visiting my family, my brother brought over these uniquely-flavored ice pops.
When I think about ice pops, vegetables are the last ingredient that comes to mind. But that's exactly what's in these ice pops. On the left is the Sweet Corn ice pop (with real corn kernels imbedded in it) and on the right is the Mung Bean ice pop (though the French translation said "Haricots verts" which made me think of those long French green beans).

Truthfully, the corn ice pop tasted strange to me. Though we've had the Shake Shack corn custard before, the corn flavor of this ice pop tasted more like sweet corn. The sweet corn kernels definitely added to the peaches and cream corn taste. The ice pop was sweet, but it's a novelty that I don't think I would try again.

I preferred the Mung Bean ice pop mainly because it reminded me of the sweet Mung Bean dessert soup often served at Chinese restaurants. Again, there were cooked Mung beans in the ice pop, but they were hardly noticeable (unlike the corn kernels).
The other item that made me smile was this Malibu rum punch in a bag we found at the LCBO (liquor store in Ontario).  I don't know why this product tickled me - I've seen wine in a box/juice box and beer in mini kegs.  With its convenient handle, I could easily see this product at a picnic or pool party. Though it says it serves 10, with a straw in hand, there's no doubt that it would surely serve just one.

Would you try any of these products? What's the weirdest ice pop or beverage packaging you've ever tried or seen?


  1. Very interesting items! rum punch in a bag!

  2. It can be a dangerous concept with my friends! =)


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