June 23, 2011

{Dining Out} Salt & Fat in Queens

Could there be a restaurant more appropriately named to entice food bloggers than Salt & Fat?  Last Friday, I met up with Jackie (Diva That Ate NY), Ken (Hungry Rabbit), Siobhan (Blondie & Brownie), and Yvo (Feisty Foodie) in Sunnyside, Queens for a much anticipated dinner.  

Yellowtail, Italian speck, pickled jalapenos, citrus ($11); "Crack" & Cheese, fried potato gnocchi, cheese bechamel, bacon ($9); PEI Mussels, Thai oyster sauce, Chinese sausage ($8); Korean BBQ Wraps, hanger steak, pickled daikon, seasoned miso ($7)
I love dining with other people who share my same motto about food: Try Anything and Everything! (and share plates, of course!)  As you can see, we ordered most of the menu!  The yellowtail dish was bright, while the "crack" and cheese was addictive (as I should have expected since it had similar poutine components of potato, cheese, and meat).  The mussels were good (not out of the ordinary though), while the Korean BBQ lettuce wraps were tasty and fun.
Braised Pork Belly Tacos, pico de gallo, kimchi salsa, queso fresco ($8); Meatballs, spicy tomato sauce, basil ($8)
Though the meatballs were good, for me, the pork belly tacos stole the show. I was surprised that the pork belly was so large - it was as long as the taco itself!
Fried Chicken, herb ranch ($12); Short Rib Buns, pickled cucumber, apricot mustard ($8); Scallops, roasted carrot puree, truffled golden beets ($10); Oxtail Terrine, caramelized onion puree, roasted mushrooms ($9)
My other favorite dish was the oxtail terrine. I don't know how the meat kept its shape because the second I sliced it with my fork, the meat just fell apart (in a good way!) The oxtail meat was so tender and just melted in my mouth.
Ice Cream & Sorbet Trio - Lychee, Thai Ice Coffee, Jalapeno ($6); Rice Krispies with Marshmallow ice cream ($5); Lychee Panna Cotta with Yuzu Buttermilk Sorbet ($6).  Instead of mints, we were given complimentary drinkable yogurt.
Sometimes I feel like I have a separate stomach for dessert. Even if I'm relatively full, I still find a way to try something sweet. Happily again, I wasn't the only one and so we shared the entire dessert menu. Having a sweet tooth, I really liked the marshmallow ice cream with the Rice Krispies. Most of the table were pleasantly surprised by the tart Yuzu buttermilk sorbet.

This dinner was definitely worth the trip to Sunnyside, Queens. Any restaurant that can satisfy/stuff all five of us for under $35/each (after tax, tip, and a few people got drinks) is one that I will definitely introduce to my husband.

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  1. What a wonderful meal with fellow bloggers! Looks like a great time!

  2. menu sounds great!  yay food blogger dinners.

    now i have a reason to go to sunnyside.

  3. We have been dying to try out Salt & Fat. We really can't wait much longer-these pictures are so tempting! How was the jalapeno ice cream? It sure sounds interesting!

  4. Definitely would recommend Salt & Fat - enjoyed most of the dishes, though was not really a fan of the jalapeno ice cream. If you go, let us know what you thought of the place!


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