May 24, 2011

{Sweet Treats} Flower Ice Cream Cone cakes

Sometimes the best ideas come from mistakes. After making two dozen burger cupcakes for the Share our Strength bake sale, I had tons of leftover chocolate cupcake pieces. I had already planned on making my cookie truffles for my twin sisters-in-law's birthday party so I had cake pops on my mind.  Not all of my cake pops were behaving themselves (i.e. they were looking more like blobs than spheres). They started to look like dirt to me and this is where the flower ice cream cake idea took shape.
These flower ice cream cone cakes are so simple to make. They would be perfect for any kids' party or summer BBQ.  All you need are:  ice cream cones, chocolate cake, frosting/icing, cream cheese, candy (for the leaves), and a flower-shaped cupcake topper (which I used my scallop punch to shape).  Alternatively, you can make a cookie flower or use edible flowers.

To make the "dirt", just combine the chocolate cake pieces in a large Ziplock bag with equal parts frosting and cream cheese.  I don't have exact measurements since it all depends on the amount of cake that you have, but I would just add a few tablespoons of frosting and cream cheese then mix. Keep adding until you get a nice mushy consistency for the "dirt".  

Pack the "dirt" mixture into the ice cream cone. You want it packed tightly enough so that the flower stands up. Add candy (I used green fruit jellies that looks like leaves - you could use mint leaves instead) and the flower cupcake topper (for the flower). You can also add gummy worms peaking out of the dirt. The ideas are endless - just use whatever you have on hand!
 I also made "ice cream cakes" for the party. Basically, I packed the "dirt" into the cupcake leaving a fairly flat top. Then I piped vanilla frosting all around in a swirl to make it look like ice cream.  With a few sprinkles on top, this "ice cream cake" was ready for the party.

Happy Birthday Julie and Patti! I hope you enjoyed your birthday treats!


  1. Fun party treat!

  2. These are the kind of dessert to make you clap your hands and giggle :)

  3. These are so precious and very different!

  4. Thanks so much Maris! They're really easy to make which is perfect for a quick party at home!

  5. Great praise coming for you - the master of creative treats!

  6. Thanks guys! They're perfect for kids or kids at heart!


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