February 14, 2011

{Easy Entertaining} Valentine's Day Table Setting

Happy Valentine's Day!  Despite loving dining out in NYC, we prefer to stay in for Valentine's Day. To set the mood, I put together an easy and inexpensive table setting for two.  With the weather surprisingly balmy today (50 F), the idea of spring soon approaching was my inspiration.  So even when Valentine's Day is over, the ideas from creating this table setting can be used to make any dinner at home just a little bit more special. 

For the place setting, I found this festive scrapbook paper at Michaels for 19 cents each.  To brighten up our dark dining table, I used a white tablecloth (that has a white leaf pattern).  The tablecloth was less than $3 at Target during their post-Christmas sale (when I bought all of my New Year's decorations).

Instead of roses, I wanted the freshness of tulips.  I bought one bunch of 10 at a local bodega (corner store) for $6.99, then found another bunch at Trader Joe's for only $4.99.  So of course I had to buy both.  Tulips are easier to display in taller vases.  I had a shorter round vase on hand, so I tied them together with a ribbon (like a bouquet) before placing them in the vase.
Everyone looks better in candlelight - so I made sure to have a votive lit!  (The green bottle-shaped lantern is from Yankee Candle and was bought from my sister-in-law.  She's a teacher and we wanted to support her school's fundraiser.)

Flowers, table cloth, candlelight, and festive place mats - four easy things to quickly spruce up any table! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! 


  1. Everything looks perfect. We stayed in as well, but I certainly can not show this post to Jackie... My setting pales in comparison

  2. But after seeing your cute heart-shaped pizza (with matching pepperoni) and dessert pizza, she probably wouldn't even noticed the table setting! The food was too beautiful - and tasty I bet!

  3. Andrea this is absolutely delightful. Although I don't celebrate V-Day, if I did, I would prefer to stay in with a table like this!

  4. CrispyAdventuresJune 29, 2011 at 4:32 AM

    This is beautiful! The pink tulips work really well with the rest of the color scheme. :)


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