January 21, 2011

{Fun Friday} Scoobi Doo pasta

Do you ever walk through the grocery aisles and chuckle at names of food seen on the shelves? For us, it's all part of the fun in food shopping and discovering new products.  When we were up in Toronto, we stopped in our tracks when we saw this package of pasta named Scoobi doo.  A friend of ours had mentioned making a dish with it, but we just thought she meant macaroni pieces of that famous cartoon dog.  We were wrong.

Not a lot of resemblance between Scooby Doo (left) and Scoobi Doo (right)
After buying this large bag of Scoobi doo pasta (who could we not?), we did some more research.  We were surprised to find that this Scoobi Doo pasta was even called for in recipe magazines like this one.  My half-Italian husband couldn't imagine his ancestors rolling dough and saying, "Scoobi doo" to each other.  Upon further research, we learned that this pasta is called Cavatappi pasta.
Its shape is similar to a corkscrew or double elbow macaroni.  The Scoobi doo, I mean, Cavatappi pasta is actually very functional - its shape holds sauces well and can easily be used in macaroni pasta dishes as a fun alternative.  The list is endless:  Cavatappi and cheese, Cavatappi with pesto sauce, Cavatappi with tomatoes and bocconcini pasta salad, etc.

What are you funniest grocery finds?

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