October 5, 2010

{Travel Tuesday} Mourayo - Greek cuisine in our nation's capital

Months ago, we had a chance to enjoy some "we" time in Washington, D.C.  We were in the mood for a nice, but affordable dinner.  After consulting Washingtonian Magazine's Top 100 restaurants for 2010, we decided to try out Mourayo.

Mourayo (meaning "safe harbour") is a Greek restaurant located in the Dupont Circle neighborhood. At first, we were concerned that there were not a lot of diners in the restaurant.  However, with dishes like butternut squash "meatballs" and duck moussaka, we ended up having a good meal with great company.

Butternut squash keftedes ($9.95) with raisin and sesame seed paste.  We definitely did not miss the meat with these vegetarian meat(less)balls!  It was rich and sweet, while the paste reminded us of figs.
Ground Duck Moussaka ($23.95) with potatoes, eggplant, kefalotyri cheese, and duck stock reduction. Buried underneath the sauce were layers of potatoes and eggplant.  Although there was too much sauce (and a little heavy-hand with the salt), the dish was very savoury, so of course my husband ate it up!
Grilled fresh octopus ($12.95) with fava bean puree, and octopus ink vinaigrette.  Don't you love the dramatic look of octopus ink?  This was an amazing dish with tender, well-seasoned octopus.  More please! 
Aspasia's Ecstasy ($8.95):  Strawberries in red wine with saffron crocus and vanilla ice cream.  We ended our meal with this sexy-sounding dessert.  Truthfully, I find chocolate (and of course, strawberries and champagne) more romantic and this dessert tasted more plummy, like mulled wine. 

Mourayo is located in the Dupont Circle area at 1732 Connecticut Ave., NW in Washington, D.C.

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