October 26, 2010

{Travel Tuesday} Jedd's Frozen Custard in Toronto

Faithful readers of HLFD know that we love our Shake Shack - especially because of its concretes and custards.  So when a friend suggested we try out a new frozen custard spot during my recent visit to Toronto, I jumped at the chance.  With visions of Danny Meyer creations in my head, we walked around the Yonge/Eglinton area and finally found the narrow storefront.  Jedd's Frozen Custard is a cute spot for a casual date or, in our case, a get-together with the girls.  Finally, frozen custard has come to Toronto!

Instead of burgers a la Shake Shack, Jedd's Frozen Custard serves pastries, pies, and cakes.  As tempting as they all looked, we walked straight to the frozen custard counter.  After all, if Jedd's is the only place in Toronto (perhaps even Canada) that serves frozen custard, we had to try it.

What is frozen custard?  It's a type of ice cream that's made with egg yolk (in addition to cream and sugar) and has to be made fresh throughout the day.  It also has less overrun (i.e. contains less air) than a common ice cream - meaning that it's denser, creamier, and more satisfying.  Frozen custard is a sexier ice cream
Despite the number of toppings available, we all decided to just enjoy the Frozen Custard on its own.  My friends ordered single scoops of vanilla and chocolate in a bowl ($3.25 each).  I went with the mint chocolate scoop in a waffle cone ($3.50).  It was smooth with a nice, subtle flavor (though, I must admit I still prefer my Shake Shack - the custard's creamier and it's able to offer many different flavors, per their Custard Calendar).  The next time I'm in town, I'll probably bring my husband so that he can enjoy an Affogato (vanilla custard with espresso).  They also offer concretes that I'd also like to check out.

Before leaving, I chatted with the owner, Jedd, about frozen custard, Shake Shack, and Ted Drewes (the popular custard spots in St. Louis that is said to have inspired Danny Meyer's Shake Shack custards).  Jedd mentioned that he was actually heading to St. Louis soon for Frozen Custard courses (Ice cream university? That's my kind of school!) so it'll be interesting to see (and taste) what he learns.

Jedd's Frozen Custard is located at 2470 Yonge Street, north of Eglinton in Toronto, ON, Canada.

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