October 4, 2010

Shacktoberfest and Food-related Halloween costumes

Can you believe it's already October?!  Summer is gone and the brisk Autumn weather (we're talking 59F/15C!) has quickly come to NYC.  But the good news about October is the return of Shacktoberfest at Shake Shack!  We enjoyed the special menu offerings last year, and this year's line-up is even better!

This year's menu features Garlic Sausage, Currywurst & Fries, and Hungarian Smoked Sausage.  At the UWS location, the beer selection includes Penn Brewing Co. Kaiser Ale, Otter Creek Oktoberfest, and Southampton Pumpkin Ale.  The concretes desserts include Bavarian Chocolate and Cranberry Almond Streusel.
Currywurst and Fries ($5.25):  This year's currywurst version has traditional sliced Bratwurst with a "Shack-made" tomato sauce with curry and served with fries.  We preferred this year's version (versus last year's).  The sauce was sweet, the bratwurst was juicy, and side of fries was just enough to satisfy my French fry craving. 
 Garlic Sausage ($4.75):  A Polish-style garlic sausage cooked flat-top (meaning it's sliced length-wise and grilled so that it's browned and crispier) topped with a Bacon and Beer cheese sauce (featuring Shake Shack's ShackMeister Ale) and finished with crushed pretzels.  This was amazing! Gooey melted cheese on top of a fragrant sausage with crunchy pretzels made for a comforting lunch (especially on a cool day!). 
  Later that day, I came across these Halloween costumes at Old Navy.  (After all, no Shake Shack day would be complete without a burger, right?)  I love the burger costume - it makes me wish I was a kid again!

Shacktoberfest continues until Oct 10, 2010.  We checked out the UWS Shake Shack at 366 Columbus Ave (at W 77th St.) in NYC.


  1. ooh - I can't wait to see you Halloween costume!

  2. I still haven't gotten the nerve to go to the Village Halloween parade. Dave - Thanks so much for your comment! I got to say, how you now celebrate Halloween sounds divine!


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