October 28, 2010

{Restaurant Debut} Highpoint Bistro and Bar

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a special complimentary tasting dinner of newly-opened restaurant:  Highpoint Bistro & Bar.  Located in Chelsea, this welcoming new-American bistro featured many well-presented dishes.  There were some highs and, as is sometimes the case with a large group dinner, some lows.  Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed the Caramel Experiment (think chocolate fondue, but with caramel on a slab of pink Himalayan salt!)

I started off with a Twisted Sister cocktail ($12) with Cruzan rum, pineapple, pink peppercorns, cardamon, and a sugar cube.
Then these cute little shopping carts fill with a buttery naan-like bread appeared.  They were warm and oh so good!
I also loved the Kobe Beef Corn Dogs - such a fun presentation!
Though I liked the beautiful presentation of the Chilled Blue Point Oyster, I'm a simple gal who prefers fresh oysters on their own.  This one had a mustard seed mignonette, chat masala, and a very sweet kernel of caramel popcorn on top that seemed whimsical, but unnecessary.
I enjoyed the Truffled Steak Tartare with quail egg, toasted brioche, and petite salad.  Though others at the table were squeamish about eating raw meat, I was wolfing it down.  It was a generous portion that was seasoned well.
The Seared Salmon ($22) with Moroccan couscous, chorizo, and citrus salad had a lot of different tastes and textures on the plate.  It wasn't a bad dish though I would've preferred more salad for its bright citrus.
Stuffed Suckling Pig ($25) with herb spaetzle, stuffed cabbage, squash, pickled onion, and baby turnip.  The pork was nice and fatty - I definitely wished my husband was able to attend the dinner as he would have enjoyed this dish.
Petite Filet Mignon ($27) with shrimp ravioli, sweet potato, and salsify.  By the time I got my steak, it was a little too cold and dry.  I did enjoy the shrimp ravioli though.
My seatmate next to me didn't eat red meat, so she was pretty hungry by this point.  The chef prepared for her a Squash Steak Au Poivre ($17) with cauliflower, cippolini onions, salsify, sauteed greens, and cranberries.  She kindly gave me a piece of squash to try and I actually preferred it to my steak.
My favorite dish of the night was the Caramel Experiment with Himalayan Rock Salt, mini cupcake, brownie, popcorn, apples, homemade marshmallows, chocolate-covered strawberry, and pecans.
The caramel is poured over the salt block and I loved how its flavor changed over time (it got saltier, and in my opinion, tastier).  This dish was so fun with everyone trying the different fruit, nuts, and desserts with the caramel sauce.  My favorite was the fluffy homemade marshmallows (which our server kindly brought us more to share).
And finally, we received a House-Made Moonpie and a Creme Brulee eggling.  The creme brulee eggling was so cute and it reminded me of this delicious appetizer I had in New Orleans

Overall it was a good meal, and I would probably return to try out their $10 Burger and Beer special (available daily 11:30am-7pm and after 10pm).

Highpoint Bistro & Bar is located at 216 7th Ave. (btwn 22nd and 23rd Sts) in NYC.

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