August 23, 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon at the New Amsterdam Market

mushrooms at NAMNY
My husband checked out this past weekend's New Amsterdam Market. While I was at my friend's bachelorette brunch, he took over as photographer and writes about his experience at the market.
Despite the drizzle and humidity, a big crowd still trekked out to the New Amsterdam Market yesterday in downtown Manhattan.  Many were there for the local Ice Cream Fair and Tomato Fest.  The ice cream vendors were quite busy due to the warm weather and amazing flavors from The Bent Spoon, Early Bird Cookery, Marlow & Daughters, MilkMade Ice CreamRoberta's, and Van Leeuwen.

There were the common, mouth-watering flavors like Currants, Pistachio and Chocolate (the flavor we've enjoyed before from Van Leeuwen), Chocolate PB cookie (MilkMade Ice Cream), and Hudson Valley Bourbon ice cream (a tasty flavor we've had before from The Bent Spoon) . 

And then there were the unusual ones:  Beet and Hay flavors (Early Bird Cookery), Grange Sorrel and Duck Egg ice creams (Roberta's).  I didn't get tickets to either tasting (my wife's the one with the sweet tooth), but I did manage to take a photo of an ice cream sample (right by the arrow)!  (wife's note:  If anyone tried these ice cream flavors, especially the unusual ones, at the market, please leave a comment! I'd love to hear how they tasted!)
Instead, I chose to try the juicy pulled pork slider from Marlow & Daughters (we also like to have lunch at their restaurant, Marlow and Sons in Brooklyn).  It was so good, with a cabbage slaw and Carolina BBQ sauce (vinegar based) on a soft brioche bun. 
Local wines were available from Brooklyn Oenology (we discussed their upcoming tasting room that should be opening in September) and Benmarl Winery from the mid-Hudson Valley (their grapes come from both their own vineyards and purchased from the Finger Lakes).  Also, I sampled some Kombucha, a non-alcoholic fermented tea from Kombucha Brooklyn, for the first time, which reminded me of sweet tea.

We're looking forward to the weekly New Amsterdam Market starting Sunday, September 26th.  The market is located at the old Fulton Fish Market by South Street Seaport in lower Manhattan.  (For my wife's posts on past markets, see here and here)


  1. i tried all the exotic flavors - that's kind of how i roll. something strange appears on a menu, and i have to give it a shot. :) i thought the hay was too sweet and ended up going with beet instead (loved that one, but i love beets), but the duck egg was fascinating - incredibly rich, just sweet enough, kind of like a poached egg mixed with whipped cream. i also loved the sweet corn from marlow and daughters.

    funny, i followed all this up by sampling wine and kombucha as well! this was my first time at this market, and i was incredibly impressed - i can’t wait for it to be offered weekly!

  2. Aren't the markets fun... we have an ice cream vendor at our markets, but the oddest flavor they serve is Bananas foster

  3. Thanks so much Leslie!! I would've been right with you trying all of the off-the-wall flavors. I agree - the weekly market will great and much easier for us to check it out. Have a great day!

  4. Hi Jen! Aren't markets the best? It's our fave way to spend a Sat or Sun!


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