August 13, 2010

Eatery - Brunch in Hell's Kitchen

Eatery muffins
Ever have one of those days that starts off with the best of intentions, experiences a couple of glitches, but all works out in the end?  That was us a couple of weekends ago when we had friends and family come into town for an impromptu brunch in the city.  

We had planned on dining outside, but gray clouds (threatening rain), sparse parking, and unexpected restaurant closings had thwarted our plan. So we crossed our fingers and wandered about Hell's Kitchen for a spot to eat.  We came across Eatery, a popular and crowded brunch spot in the area.  Wistful about our chances for a table, I walked in and inquired about the wait for a group of 6.  "We can seat your group immediately if you're all here" was our host's response.  Success! With a smile on my face, I relayed the good news to our group and we all sat down at the large booth in the back.

brunch mimosas at Eatery
Getting our table was a reason to celebrate, so drinks all around! The gals ordered the pretty drinks: Peach Bellini ($7), Guava Bellini, and Fellini (or Pear Bellini, $8).  My hubby opted for the Bloody Sangrita ($8), made with tequila, OJ, and hot pepper sauce.
brunch omelette

Omelette with cheddar cheese and sausage ($10.95), plus toast and hash browns on the side was just what our BIL needed.
chicken salad
Chopped Chicken Salad ($10.95):  My healthy SILs ordered this colorful salad filled with seasonal vegetables like zucchini.
cheeseburger at Eatery
My hubby chose the plain burger ($10.99) while his friend opted for the Cheeseburger ($12.45) with fries.  The burger was fine, but not the juiciest nor tastiest burgers we've had in the city.
pulled pork tostadas
I ordered the Pulled Pork Tostada ($12.95) and liked the crisp shell and sweet sauce with the pulled pork.  My SIL remarked that she would order this dish the next time they came to the city.
eatery restaurant in hell's kitchen
A decent brunch, with no wait (or reservations), in an airily decorated space made for a good Sunday afternoon with our visitors.  It all worked out in the end.

Eatery is located at 798 9th Ave (btwn W52nd and W53rd Sts).

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  1. i just recently discovered your blog and am really enjoying looking through it! i went to eatery a couple years ago for brunch and remember it being a really solid meal, if a little expensive considering the number of all-inclusive brunch deals offered in the city. that bloody sangrita sounds like a fantastic way to start a meal off!

  2. Such a great blog... missed it.

    I have had terrible slow connections. No way to keep up on my favorite blogs (especially the photo heavy blogs (what i like best about yours)). But, that is an issue of the past, so looking forward to becoming a regular again.

    No pressure, but did you ever cook with the rum and spices you got from the island? If so, let me know the link.

    Cul de Sac Dave
    formerly Island Dave

  3. Welcome TheWholePlate! Thanks for visiting and hope you keep reading our blog! Eatery overall was fine - especially given how hard it can be to find a brunch place for a group of people at the last minute....but I agree that other places in the city offer a better deal and better food overall. We just happened to be in the area that day. And yes, my hubby loved his bloody sangrita.

  4. Hi Dave! We've missed you - but have been happy to read all about your Island adventures. Yes, we have cooked with the spices you sent us from the island (so good on our steaks!) but haven't posted anything yet (our mouths were faster than our camera! =) ) But we have lots of your goodies still on hand so I will work on our own Island meal - probably inspired by your posts!


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