August 27, 2010

Bar Pie from Eddie's Pizza Truck

We're often reminded about the great diversity in food options here in NYC.  And it seems that both The Food Network and its sister channel, the Cooking Channel, have recently been featuring food trucks from around the country (Food Truck Revolution, The Great Food Truck Race, and various episodes of Unique Eats).  So it's no surprise that around lunch time, we'll seek out the newest food truck.

Recently, my husband was able to try Eddie's Pizza Truck.  He first checked Twitter and saw that they were heading toward downtown, near his office.  He managed to get there before the lunch time rush (right when they open around 11:30am) on a Tuesday morning.  Hope you enjoy his post as much as he enjoyed his pizza!

Although Eddie's Pizza does have a storefront in New Hyde Park on Long Island (around since the 1930's), you can now get their pizza from a truck in Manhattan.  They are known for their Bar Pie, a thin, crispy and easy to eat pie.  I only had to wait about a total of 10 minutes for the weekly special, Sausage, Peppers and Onions (one of our favorite combos on and off pizza). After getting my pizza, there were still only a few people around.  After noon though, the line had significantly grown, as expected.
The small but tasty pizza has a very thin crust; however, it's actually crisp and quite sturdy and would be easy to eat standing up.  All I added was a few red pepper flakes and a sprinkle of grated cheese.  As you can see, it's not big but I was quite full after.  For your health, one probably shouldn't eat more than that anyway.  If there is no line again, I might stop by to try one of their previous specials, Wild Mushroom.  Overall the Bar Pie was a satisfying lunch -- the price was listed at $9, but they only charged me $8. 

Go to Eddie's Pizza website for locations for lunch and dinner and follow them on Twitter for updates.  (You can also check out our NY/NJ Food Truck Twitter list  for all local food truck updates).

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  1. Awesome looking pizza! Wish I could try it for my lunch right now!


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