July 29, 2010

HLFD in MN: Brasa Premium Rotisserie Restaurant

It wasn't just cheesy goodness we found when we were in Minneapolis.   After asking my friends on Twitter where to go, a couple people suggested Brasa, a great casual rotisserie restaurant.  Melt in your mouth braised beef that's also locally sourced? Organic ingredients in Creole cooking?  We honestly didn't think we would find all of this in MN, but we were pleasantly surprised.
There were other surprises in MN, including this bar on the go.  According to Pedal Pub's website, you can rent this vehicle (seats 16) and provide the food, beverages (including alcohol), and leg power.  Can't find this at home!
But it was rotisserie chicken we had in mind.  We made it to Brasa just as it opened.  There's a good-sized patio space, but we opted to dine inside right by the large opened glass garage doors.
My hubby's faves:  hot sauces and cold beer!
Brasa was opened in 2007 by Alexander Roberts, the 2010 James Beard Award-winner for Best Chef - Midwest Chef.  He has worked in some of our favorite NYC restaurants (Gramercy Tavern, Bouley, and Union Square Cafe).  With Brasa, he created a rotisserie restaurant that serves organic, sustainably produced food.
We decided to share a plate of 3 meats and 2 sides ($17.25).  We both loved the juicy Braised Beef that was lightly smoked and braised with sweet-spicy sauce.  It was our overall favorite as it just melted in our mouths!  Their signature Rotisserie Chicken was well seasoned.  We liked the Creole-style dry rub used to roast the chicken.  My hubby liked the Heritage Berkshire Pork Shoulder.  It was slow roasted with citrus, garlic, and pepper.
And their sides were also amazing.  We had the Creamed Spinach and Jalapeno which wasn't that spicy but flavorful.  We liked how it wasn't as overly creamy as other creamed spinach sides we've had at steakhouses.  This side definitely had more greens than cream.  Our favorite side was the Collards with Smoked Turkey.  Though we preferred the unforgettable collard greens at Hattie's, this dish was also fantastic.  With bits of smoked turkey, these collards aren't mushy and have an easy, slightly bitter taste.  Our lunch was the best meal we've ever had in a converted gas station!  

Brasa Restaurant is located at 600 East Hennepin Avenue in Minneapolis, MN.  (There's a second location in St. Paul's, MN)

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  1. That mobile bar is hilarious. You wouldn't want it to take any sudden turns.

    I think I'm with your hubby on the meat selection - that pork shoulder looks damn good!

  2. What does the "8 days 20 hours until i open my shop" on your sidebar mean???

    Are you opening a storefront? Brick and mortar or on line?

  3. @Conor - I couldn't believe that Pedal Pub when I saw it either!

    @A Year on the Grill - We're opening an online store through OpenSky. It'll feature products by small businesses that we like and/or use.


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