May 8, 2010

Shake Shack Special: Ramp Dog and Red Velvet Custard

Shake Shack
In addition to today's (Saturday's) custard flavor (Red Velvet), the UWS Shake Shack location is offering another special (today only):  Ramp Dogs.   

Ramp Dog
The Ramp Dog ($4.50) is a beef Vienna hot dog covered in sauteed ramps and a bit of Applewood bacon.
Ramps hot dog
The ramps are like delicate spring onions and add a nice tang to the hot dog.  We couldn't really taste the bacon unless we ate the topping on its own.  We're guessing Shake Shack will run of out this special (the guy in front of us in line ordered 5 Ramp Dogs for himself) and hope that this special will return.
Red Velvet custard cup
Happily, the Red Velvet Custard ($3.50) will be around for a couple more Saturdays in May.
Spoonful of Red Velvet Custard
The Red Velvet Custard contains large chunks of red velvet cake in a vanilla custard.

The UWS Shake Shack is located at at 366 Columbus Ave (at W 77th St).

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  1. The red velvet custard would be easy enough to make. I love custard with anything. I can't find ramps in this area... so have never had them... but have certainly heard a lot about them the past few years, and am dying for a try!
    Happy Mother's Day!


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