May 25, 2010

Blogger Brunch at Northern Spy Food Co. (and a quick dessert at Momofuku Milk Bar)

Having started this food blog over a year ago, we have both met some wonderful, interesting people.  One of my first blogger friends was Mardi, who I had the good fortune to meet in person when we were both in San Francisco.  She's based in Toronto (my hometown) and came down this past weekend to NYC with her husband.  So, along with a few other bloggers (Lauren, Mary Ann, and eventually Christine), we headed down to the East Village to celebrate her 40th birthday visit at Northern Spy Food Co (a quaint country-style farm-to-table spot).

I love getting together with other bloggers because I'm not the only one taking photos!  Here's Mardi taking a photo of her blood orange mimosa ($8).  
A couple of the guys (including my hubby) opted for the Beer Float ($8) while I chose the refreshing Blood Orange Seltzer ($3). The beer float was made with Keegan Ale's Mother's Milk and a vanilla semifreddo.  Suffice it to say, my husband drank the whole glass but still preferred my Guinness float.
The warm, buttery Homemade Biscuits ($3) melted in our mouths.  It came with jam, but we liked it on its own.
The Griddled cornbread ($6) was also good on its own (even Mardi's husband Neil, who doesn't like cornbread, took a bite after everyone's positive reactions).  I liked the sweet onion yogurt as it added a nice flavor.
My favorite dish was the Kale Salad ($11) with clothbound cheddar cheese, kohlrabi (German turnip), and almond.  It had so many different textures with the crunchy almonds and softer turnips.  We both love the heartiness of kale - it's a favorite ingredient for Meatless Mondays.  We found the recipe online and will be definitely be making this dish soon!
Chicken and Egg Sandwich ($12) with crispy chicken thigh with skin and chimichurri.  The sandwich was tasty and filling, but unfortunately our poached egg was overcooked (the yolk was completely hard-boiled, probably due to our dish being ready before the rest of our large group) and would have been better with a runny yolk.    
All of the guys opted for the Corned Beef Hash ($14).  Though the menu indicated that this dish had heritage beef brisket, everyone was surprised to get chunks of meat instead.  My husband liked it as he found the cubes retained more flavor than some chopped up briskets he's had before.  The confit potatoes tasted quite good with the piri piri sauce instead of ketchup.  His eggs were less cooked than mine, but the yolks were not runny.
Mardi chose the Slow-whisked Scrambled eggs ($13) with housemade sausage and potato flatbread.  She liked her meal, but given a substantial amount of eggs, could not finish her dish.
Lauren and Mary Ann both enjoyed their Polenta and Eggs ($14), which also included braised mustard greens.  Lauren enjoyed the way her polenta was prepared and Mary Ann was so stuffed from this dish for the rest of the day.
The food was pretty good, but the company was even better!  And my patient hubby had the other guys around to commiserate with as we ladies all took photos.
Most of us then headed out to Momofuku Milk Bar, bought cookies (and kimchi butter), tried the soft serve, ogled the pork belly, and chatted some more.
A final photo of the bloggers:  Christine, Lauren, Mardi, and myself (unfortunately Mary Ann had to head out to another appointment).

 Northern Spy Food Co. is located at 511 East 12th St (btwn Ave A and B) in NYC.
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  1. Andrea, Northern Spy Co. was a great suggestion for our large group. I like the artisan offerings, and I agree the kale salad was terrific. I'll have to make it for brunch another time. Great review!

  2. It was so much fun - thanks for organising Andrea!!! I will have my post up later this week and will link to this! Can't wait to see you in Toronto in June!! Thanks for a fun birthday brunch!

  3. @Jen - Always a good time with fellow bloggers (like when you come to town!)

    @Christine - Glad you were able to make it! Let's get together soon when your schedule calms down!

    @Mardi - Anything for the birthday girl! See you in June! I'll link to your post once you have it up!

  4. Good job, gals! What a lovely little party with friends met over the internet. I love all of your site... but you have the BEST parties in your city, my dear!

  5. looks like a great time, looks like the hubbys enjoyed it also, love all the pics


  6. love your sites new look wow what a great meet up lol Rebecca

  7. Just wanted to say all your photos are gorgeous!!

  8. The soft serve at momofuku is so good! The red velvet, carrot cake and sugar cookie flavors are my favorites. Never got into the pies or cookies, but the cakes are stellar too.

    By the way, your pictures are great!


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