March 2, 2010

Reading Terminal Market - Philadelphia's Food Mecca

We love local food markets!  Having read that we enjoyed Chelsea Market in NYC, St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, and the Ferry Plaza Marketplace in San Francisco, one of our readers suggested that we check out the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia.

Upon arriving, we were immediately overwhelmed by all of the mouth-watering choices.  From Oprah's favorite mac n' cheese (at Delilah's) to the mint ice cream at Bassetts Ice Cream, there was something for everyone.  Join us as we eat our way through the market!

Breakfast at the Dutch Eating Place seemed like a weekend ritual.  With seating two U-shaped counters and a first-come, first-served  policy, it's a friendly, no-frills spot for ideal for parties of 1 or 2.  

We joined the line that snaked around the counter (thankfully it moved really fast) and soon sat down to order our breakfast, including a couple glasses of freshly squeezed OJ ($2.10).
We ordered the Breakfast Special ($5.95) of blueberry pancakes, turkey bacon, and coffee.  The pancakes are huge, with fresh blueberries, and of the hearty variety (vs the light and fluffy type).  The maple syrup and homemade butter is a must with them!  We also enjoyed the thick turkey bacon because it was meaty, not greasy.
We also got the Hot Apple Dumpling ($2.80) and a side of home-fries ($1.50).  If you get one item here, you must get the dumpling!  It tastes like a bowl of warm apple pie.  There are chunks of apple topped with pie crust.
The hot apple dumpling is served with cream.  It's sweet and eating a big hug!
Lots of baked goods are available for sale...
...including pretzel dogs from Miller's Twist.
We caved after seeing the large Amish-style pretzels...
...and shared a regular plain pretzel ($1.80).  It was soft, buttery, and savory - a perfect snack!
We spotted juicy slabs of meat at DiNic's and knew that this was the perfect place for our lunch.  We sat at the counter, ordered our sandwiches, and soon realized that cheesesteaks had nothing on these pork sandwiches!
The Roast pork with broccoli rabe and provolone cheese ($8.09) sandwich had the most tender, thinly sliced meat.  The sharp cheese was slightly melted and the greens were piled on to provide a nice contrast of flavors.
Pulled Pork with green peppers and provolone cheese ($8.28) sandwich was so juicy and the meat melted in our mouths.  When a sandwich satisfies your stomach and makes you smile, you know you've experienced sandwich nirvana!
Love this chocolatier's quirky sense of humor!
Finally, for dessert, we could not resist the enticing smell of freshly baked cookies.  The cookies at the Famous 4th Street Cookie Company are sold by weight and made on the premises.
The Pecan Chocolate Chip cookie (left) was crunchy and Double Chocolate Chip cookie (right) was soft and sweet ($3.60 for both cookies).  We preferred the pecan cookie, but both cookies were sinfully delicious.  

Reading Terminal Market is located at 51 North 12th in Philadelphia, PA.


  1. Well I know what I am doing at least one of my free days in Philly!

  2. @Mardi - You'll have a good time!
    @Sook - Thank you!

  3. I love Philly eats! Especially the cheesesteak!


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