March 25, 2010

First Look: Bomboloni on UWS NOW OPEN!

After what seemed like an eternity, the boarded up space at W69th and Columbus has finally opened up as Bomboloni.  This small Italian cafe features gelato, coffee, panini, and these warm, Italian donuts.  Though there is no seating and only a very narrow counter to dine at, this cafe is a welcome addition to this cupcake-loaded neighborhood.

Currently they offer 3 flavors:  Traditional (vanilla custard), Chocolate (Valrhona), and Raspberry.  At only $1 each or 6 for $5, these baked goods were quickly being snapped up (at only 1:30pm on a Thursday afternoon)

I ordered the traditional and chocolate flavors. Both were warm and took me back to early days of back-packing through Italy.

The donut or cake part was more similar in texture to challah or egg bread (i.e. lighter than a regular doughnut). 

The chocolate flavor was not that sweet (my hubby will probably prefer this one), while the traditional flavor became my favorite. 

I love custard - and though I still prefer the more expensive Creme Brulee doughnut at Doughnut Plant - this affordable bomboloni manages to satisfy my dessert craving.

Bomboloni is located at 187 Columbus Ave (btwn 68th and 69th Sts.) in NYC.


  1. YUM! At first I thought you made them... but that's next, I hope! :)

  2. LOVE Bombolonis!
    Wish I could live right next door to this place!

  3. I've never had bomboloni. Will have to try when I am in the neighborhood, it could get dangerous.

  4. @Valerie - Well, my hubby's half Italian, so I guess I should learn how to make them!

    @Taste of Beirut - It's dangerously too close to us!

    @FLB - We'll bring them over once you're all settled in your new spot!

  5. OMG, the original one was soooo good. Thanks for the après gym treat!!! :p

  6. @Martha - haha! No worries - maybe we can do a return trip on Monday? =)


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