February 3, 2010

Two Little Red Hens - Baked Goods Heaven on UES in NYC

These beautiful mini creations were bought at Two Little Red Hens.  Though we have lived in NYC for years, we had yet to visit this beloved Upper East Side bakery.    

With a warm staff, cute interior, and wonderful homemade goods, we may be taking the crosstown bus more often!
The bakery is a cozy little spot with chicken paraphernalia everywhere.
Lots of homemade cookies...
cakes and muffins...
and biscottis...

With the help of the staff, we ended up choosing their Mini Red Velvet cupcake, Mini Blackout cupcake, and New York Cheesecake (all three desserts cost us $8 total).

We loved the cream cheese icing on the mini red velvet cupcake, but the mini blackout cupcake was the standout for us.

If you are a chocoholic like us, you will appreciate the fluffy cake, intense chocolate flavor, and fudgy chocolate icing.

This was absolutely one of the best cupcakes we've ever eaten.

How did we find Serious Eats' #1 cheesecake in NYC?  Though it may look small, it was substantial for two of us to share.  We loved the browned top and graham cracker crust.  The tall filling (appropriate for a true NY cheesecake) was a happy medium - it was not light and fluffy, nor too dense.  
Two Little Red Hens is located at 1652 Second Ave (at 86th St) in NYC.


  1. That price is a real bargain... I love red velvet cakes!

  2. Such a cute bakery and you have me craving cupcakes! My colleague said she is baking red velvet cupcakes for the office this wknd, I hope she follows through! :)


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