February 17, 2010

Martha Stewart's Lunch Recommendation: Pizza from Co. (Company)

Doesn't this pizza look fantastic?  When I woke up on the morning of the media-dubbed Snowmaggedon in NYC, I did not know that I would be enjoying this meal for lunch.  After all, schools were closed and street trucks all tweeted that they would not even come into the city.  It sounded like the city that never sleeps was shutting down.

The snowstorm was also why I got a last minute ticket to the Martha Stewart show - they were scrounging for audience members for fear of an empty studio.  And so, this was how my snowy day began...
 Inside the studio was bright and sunny.  I definitely wished I had this kitchen in my apartment! 
I'd even settle for her test kitchen (top left)!
Between Martha's hilarious warm-up guy, comedian Joey Kola, and the upbeat music played during commercial breaks (I wonder if Ms. Stewart chose the Billboard 100 mix), the taping felt quicker than the hour it lasted.  Despite all of the cooking segments, however, there were no samples - and I was hungry!

So when one audience member asked Martha for restaurant recommendations, I was ready to go.  She mentioned Momofuku and, closer to the studios, Co (Company).  I had been meaning to check out Co. because its owner also runs one of my favorite bakeries in NYC, Sullivan Street Bakery in Hell's Kitchen.
I walked a couple of slushy blocks and arrived at the warm restaurant.  It felt like a modern ski lodge inside with the "fireplace" and two long communal tables.
The menu's disclaimer made me smile.
 As I was dining alone, I opted for the simple Margherita pizza ($13) with tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil, and a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese.
The toppings were fresh, but it was the crust I loved.  It was both crunchy and chewy, and definitely not soggy.
 And the crust was thin enough to fold in half...Overall, it was a tasty pizza experience with the crust being the highlight.  It's a small pizza (personal pizza size) that even I could finish on my own so be prepared to spend $9-$20 per person on pizza.
Co. (Company) is located at 230 Ninth Ave (at 24th St) in NYC.


  1. What a fun day... Love Martha, and glad to see she has popped back from her unfortunate times a few years ago.

    And LOVE this style of pizza. I grill mine often!

  2. Oh boy do I wish I made it out to the Martha Stewart show with you!!! This pizza at Co. looks great! Are you free for a happy hour meet-up next Tues?

  3. Oh what a FUN snow day!!!!!! Martha AND pizza????

  4. Although I love our Chicago Deep Dish Pizza, I love a thin crust NY Pizza too. And grilled it's even better!

  5. yeah I love Co... i had issues with "trying to change" a topping or two.. but everything was soo good... i let it slide


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