January 12, 2010

Homey Italian Dinner at Supper - East Village, NYC

Casual, low-key, dark, intimate, and mouth-watering Italian entrees - sounds like a perfect recipe for a laid-back Saturday night.  That was exactly our experience when we ventured out to the East Village with a visiting friend and dined at Supper, a 2010 Michelin Bib Gourmand recipient.

Because of its small space and no-reservation policy, waits for a table can take a while.  However, waiting at their bar next door, with a drink or two in hand, makes the time fly by and the wait feel non-existent.
Instead of a standard bread basket with butter, we received thick, crunchy bread with white beans on the side.
Burrata salad ($21.95):  At first glance, spending over $20 for a salad seems extravagant, but then you soon realize that there's a whole, large ball of creamy burrata cheese on the plate.  Burrata cheese has a thick skin of mozzarella, with a soft interior of cream and cheese.  Simply plated with slices of tomatoes, basil leaves, extra virgin olive oil, and aged balsamic vinegar, tasting this dish was like having an out of body experience.  Our friend still talks about this dish - it may have been the highlight of her trip!

Sliced Roasted Beets with Gorgonzola Cheese ($11.95):  This dish was a nice mix of textures and flavors.  The earthy blue cheese nicely balanced the sweet beets.

Sweetbreads ($13.95):  These fairly large crispy sweetbread medallions sat on a plate of caesar salad, made with crisp romaine lettuce, Grana Padano cheese, Cyprus black sea salt (first time we ever had black salt!), in a mustard, toasted garlic and olive oil dressing.
The sweetbreads were meaty and fried with brown butter.  These fatty glands were definitely not good for us (hence why they tasted so good!) and were amongst the best sweetbread dishes we've eaten (our favorite is still Kefi's)
 Venison al Cioccolate ($31.95):  Game meat and chocolate?  Yes please!  We had to order this dish of seared venison marinated in chocolate served with cranberry sauce, candied sweet potato and sautéed dandelion.  The chocolate sauce was savory (similar to a Mexican mole sauce) and the duck (another generous portion) was juicy.  
 Drunken Tuna ($23.95):  It's hard to see the fish, but the tuna is buried here in a red wine stock with potatoes and stewed tomatoes over fried eggplant.   
Rabbit with Polenta ($21.95):  We loved the rich, creamy polenta with the mild rabbit meat.  

Supper is located at 156 East 2nd St (btwn Aves A & B) in NYC.  Note that this restaurant is cash-only.

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  1. That looks incredible...

    was that a hollowed out sweet potato with spinach served with the venison?

  2. @A Year on the Grill - It's a hollowed out candied sweet potato with sauteed dandelion leaves on top. It was delicious!

  3. Oh what I would not give for that burrata salad.. so good.


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