January 4, 2010


To have a true New York experience, one must enjoy a freshly-made, hot-out-of-the-oven NY bagel.  So when food writer Hagan suggested we meet at H & H Bagels this morning as part of his 93 Plates project, I happily obliged.  H & H Bagels has been a part of NYC culture since 1973 and has been referenced on television shows like Seinfeld and The Office.

Fans love these bagels because they are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  The dough also has a touch of sweetness to them.  With so many choices, which one should we choose?

We opted for the bagels that were the hottest - ie. the ones fresh from the oven.  Pumpernickel was the winner.

How were they?  Piping hot and pretty good.  They were mild on the pumpernickel flavor and with a bit of lox and cream cheese, made for satisfying breakfast. 

Whenever you're in town, be sure to stop by H & H Bagels (and hop over to Zabar's across the street for a larger selection of spreads and another quintessential New York experience).
H & H Bagels is located at 2239 Broadway Ave (at W 80th St) in NYC.  Thanks to Hagan and H & H Bagels for the nice start to the day!

Thanks to everyone who entered the Notes on Cooking giveaway.  Using Random.org, the lucky winner is #3 or A Year on the Grill.  Congratulations!  We will email you to get your mailing address so that we can mail you your prize.


  1. OMG... I just read the 93 plates project... what a fabulous idea!!!

    and thanks for the VERY much needed book

  2. Always on a lookout for a great bagel when we are in NY, will have to check H&H out, thanks!

  3. This post made me NewYorkSick (a variation on homesick... though I have never actually been luck enough to live there...)

  4. Andrea, I followed you today, I was the lunch blogger for 93 plates and I guess you were dinner ? =) so jealous, I've been wanting to go to Telepan! I met Bill Telepan once and he was a doll... let me know how the food is

  5. @A Year on the Grill - the project's awesome...check out Hagan's site daily for updates!

    @5 Star Foodie - let me know the next time you're in NYC...would love to share foodie haunts with you!

    @Lele - Boston's great too! If you visit NYC enough (it's so close by)...it's almost like you live here (without the expensive rent!)

    @and this blog: SO FULL from dinner at Telepan! Food was great - post will be up soon...so many pics...will have to return with the hubby so that he can enjoy foie gras variations!

  6. That is how a bagel should be! I'm always disappointed when the exterior is soft, or the interior is hard. Oh great. I'm on a bagel rant now.

  7. Next time I am in the city, I will try one. I am there a few times a year. Thanks for the tip.


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