January 14, 2010

Enjoying Local Microbrew: Captain Lawrence's IPA

One of our favorite local brewers here in the New York area is Captain Lawrence Brewing.

We picked up a 1/2 Growler (32oz.) of the Captain's Reserve Imperial India Pale Ale from the Whole Foods on the Upper West Side since it was only $4.99 (it's usually almost $5 for a 500mL  bottle!).

This Imperial IPA (American Double IPA) style beer is almost amber in color that has a faint grassy nose and some sweet malt at first - then as it warms, the citrus and piney aromas build up quickly.

The beer is no lightweight, at 9% ABV and the bitter back end lingers on along with a touch of heat. If you're not careful, this can pack a hoppy punch because of how balanced and easy it drinks for this style beer. Most bars pour this in tulip glasses or 8oz. tasting glasses (like at home, see photo). What we liked about this beer it was not the usual palate killer like some one-dimensional double IPA's can be. 

We've paired some of the other Captain Lawrence beers with an elegant meal at Blue Hill at Stone Barns and with a burger at Shake Shack. The Captain's Reserve is another great one and next time we'll be on the lookout for the Espresso Stout or one of the specialty barrel-aged beers.

Captain Lawrence Brewing Company is located at 99 Castleton Street in Pleasantville, NY (near the Metro-North Station).

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  1. Wow. It looks so innocent, but at 9% could cause some mischief before too long! What a bargain you scored.


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