December 16, 2009

With 9 Days 'Til Christmas: Taking a breather to enjoy the Holiday Lights in NYC

With Christmas fast approaching and our impending trip home quickly upon us, we decided to take a deep breath.

We decided for one night to take a break from packing, holiday baking, and sweating the small stuff to walk around our beautiful city and take in all of the holiday sights.

So we invite you to sit back and enjoy the from New York!

Saks Fifth Avenue Snowflake Spectacle:  50 unique snowflakes with illumination set to holiday music.

One of the many lighted angels overlooking 30 Rock.

Gigantic Christmas lights brighten up Midtown Manhattan.

This year's Rockefeller tree came from Connecticut, measures 76 feet tall, is 50 years old, and after the season, will be used to build a Habitat for Humanity house in its hometown state (CT).

Taking a close-up look at the replica of the 9 1/2 foot Swarovski star that adorns the Rockefeller tree.

Since its first show in 1933, millions have since seen various versions - all of which included The Rockettes.

Lincoln Center, home of The Nutcracker ballet, also features a new fountain.

The fountain (which we saw earlier in the fall when it first opened) was designed by the same firm which designed the famous Bellagio fountains in Las Vegas.  Though smaller and not set to music, this water spectacle is very calming - almost like those spa water fountains, but on a grander scale.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Great pictures! Enjoy your trip and happy holidays!

  2. @5 Star Foodie - Thanks! Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday as well!

  3. Thank you so much for these photos... I just found you through the link exchange with MYSTERY LOVERS KITCHEN, and am loving your site. I lived in NYC for a year, and really had the time of my life. Thanks for the memories.

    I surfed through a bunch of your past posts, and really like the way you write and the quality of your posts. i am following, added you to my blog roll, and will be back daily. you are among the best on the net!

    Thank you for all this effort for us

  4. @A Year on the Grill: You just made my very chilly afternoon that much warmer! Thank you for the very kind remarks. I just started this with my husband so that our friend far away could see what we were up to and now we're so happy to have met so many like-minded foodies online! Thank you again for the very kind words - definitely made our day!

  5. This is a great round up! I like the snowflakes the best.

  6. @FLB: Thanks Christine! The snowflakes are fun - especially with the snowflakes flashing to music.

  7. So pretty - and WOW what great pictures. One day I wanna be just like Andrea the great photographer! (when I grow up, maybe!)

  8. @Mardi - haha! Thanks so much! =) I bet with your new toy (the DSLR Neil gave you), you've already taken tons of fantastic pics!


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