December 11, 2009

Happy Hanukkah with He'Brew, The Chosen Beer

With Hanukkah starting tonight for our Jewish friends, we wanted to post something to commemorate the start of their festive season.

Latkes and rugelachs, though tasty, are not our expertise.  What did we know?  Beer!  So when we came across He'Brew beer, we knew it would be perfect for today's post.

We picked up a bomber (22 oz bottle) of Jewbelation Bar Mitzvah (13th edition), which is made by Shmaltz Brewing Company in California.  Unlike prior editions which were more of a strong ale, this year's edition is their version of an Imperial (or American Double) Stout. 

The Jewbelation is definitely a beer to sit and enjoy with friends and family. It's made with 13 malts and 13 kinds of hops -- and tips the scales at 13% ABV. The first few sips go down quick, but like most Imperial Stouts, it's made for sipping to enjoy its complexities.  If you enjoy dark and strong beers, pick up a bottle to share over the holiday.

Some of the other He'Brew beers we thought were interesting are the Origin Pomegranate Ale (the fruit is surprisingly subtle) and the Bittersweet Lenny's R.I.P.A.  Most of the He'Brew beers should be on tap and in bottle for the holidays. 

To all of our Jewish friends and readers, Happy Hanukkah!  


  1. Very interesting beer! Thanks for the info, I would love to pick it up if I can find for our Hanukkah celebration on Saturday!

  2. Great review! Would go perfectly with my mom's latkes! :)

  3. This beer looks great, love the label and play one words. Happy Hanukkah!

  4. Wow! This would be a very interesting beer to enjoy. I love it!

  5. @5 star foodie - I bet your celebration last night was wonderful!

    @Travel Eat Love: Bet you have some wonderful kosher wine selections too!

    @FLB: They also make Coney Island beer with labels like "Sword Swallower"

    @Velva: Thanks! It was one strong beer!


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