December 1, 2009

Flor de Mayo - One of Our Go-To Neighborhood Cheap Eats

Since moving to NYC, we've noticed a lot of Asian fusion combination we've never seen before.  One of them is Asian/Peruvian cuisine.  We've had the high-end version at Nobu (which mixes Japanese and Peruvian cuisines), but when it comes to neighborhood cheap eats, we end up at Chinese/Peruvian restaurant Flor de Mayo on the Upper West Side. 

Though there is a large cocktail and beverage list, we always order the Peruvian beer, Cristal ($3.25).

It's a crisp, easy-to-drink and inexpensive beer - even cheaper than the domestic beer on the menu.

Whole Peruvian Chicken ($10.75):  This large dish was more than enough for two.  It's well-seasoned and always provides us with leftovers for lunch the next day.
Cilantro rice (included with our entrees):  We love cilantro so we find this rice incredibly addictive.  Though it's strange when the server tells you your rice options are white, brown, or green rice, we always go for the green.  You'll never want to order the plain rice after having this (unless you don't like cilantro).
Kung Po Pork ($12.45): We ordered it as spicy as it comes, but it still could have used some more heat.  Some more peppers would have been nice (we like our spicy foods on the fiery side), but overall enjoyed all of the crunchy vegetables included with our entree.
 Flor de Mayo is located at 484 Amsterdam Ave (btwn W 83rd and W 84th St.) in NYC.


  1. I adore Asian fusion cuisine. This place looks great.

  2. Great website! You should try Num Pang on 12th street near University Place... great cheap sandwiches.

  3. @FLB: It's so cheap! If you ever want to visit me on the UWS, we'll go here for dinner!

    @Vicky: Thanks! Yes, we love Num Pang! Since we're addicted to Banh Mi, it's a great spot for us! Bread's so good!!

  4. This looks great! I am going to send my sister there since it looks like her cup of tea. If there's time in the spring, we might try it too!

  5. @Mardi - You better bring an empty stomach when you come to visit! There may never be a moment when you're not eating a snack/meal/sweet treat. Shake Shack and these restaurants are all within a few blocks of each other!


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