December 28, 2009

Fantaxia - Fixed price, Family-style dinner - Toronto

As we mentioned while preparing for our Creole Christmas in Canada, we appreciate getting together with family and friends in lieu of gifts.  We love catching up over a good meal and happily, when we were in Toronto, my brother and his girlfriend treated my parents and us to a very filling 7 course meal at Fantaxia.  With no one cooking or doing the dishes, it was a wonderful way to relax and chat with our family.

We started off with a soup filled with beef, scallops, mushrooms, and more.  Like clowns exiting a small car, it was fun watching how much food and soup came out of the seemingly small container.  The broth itself was savory and very comforting. 

Taro yam was shredded and fried to make this beautiful and crispy nest.  It was filled with crunchy snow peas, onions, and shrimp.  The best part?  The nest was surrounded by bacon-wrapped shrimp. 

We had to hurry to get this shot of the papaya boat filled with scallops before our server quickly chopped it up into little pieces.  The scallops on top were soft and meaty.

Not only was the chicken de-boned for easy eating, it was stuffed with sticky rice. 

And, just to make ourselves feel healthier, a large bowl of steamed bok choy.

Fried plump oysters were lightly seasoned with lemongrass.  They came with subtly sweet pieces of bread and laid out on a bed of thin, flaky, crispy spinach. 

Finally, to end our meal, we enjoyed this deceptively plain-looking dessert soup.  It was warm and very flavorful with a surprisingly sharp ginger taste.

Special thanks to my brother and especially to his girlfriend who called ahead of time and organized the meal for us.  

Fantaxia is located 3555 Don Mills Road, Unit 5 in Toronto, ON, Canada. 

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  1. Wow... does this ever look exciting...

    Love the presentations (and bacon wrapped shrimp... come on!!!

  2. This looks like a wonderful place to take the family.

  3. One of my favorite places to take guests. Food is very unique and owners are very knowledgeable about chinese cusine. Highly recommended!


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