November 10, 2009

SF: Foodbuzz Festival Afternoon delights

During the afternoon of the Foodbuzz Festival (Day 2), Meghan, Lindsay, Christina, and I went out to check out the freebies from local vendors and to cheer on Mardi for her Bertolli demonstration.

On the way there, we bumped into Amie and we quickly discovered that we were neighbors in NYC (well, with only Central Park between us!).

Check out all of my food and drink pics from the afternoon event plus Mardi's debut!








Mardi demonstrated her winning recipe of Pesto Deconstructed Pizza.
Despite being filmed and needing to converse with the Bertolli chef, Mardi flawlessly and charmingly presented her winning dish in front of several bloggers.

Everyone wanted to try Mardi's dish!
Congrats on a great recipe and presentation Mardi


  1. Awww - thanks Andrea - great recap of the afternoon too!

  2. gorgeous pictures! did you try the watermelon beer? so good!

  3. Mardi - You were wonderful!

    Hey Lauren! I was curious about that one, but ended up having the Rogue those dark, chocolaty beers!

  4. oh wow all these food looks soooo good!

  5. Great photos from the festival! I love looking at everyone elses pictures to see the event from their point of view.

  6. Beautiful photos and a great event to attend to in the near future.


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