November 13, 2009

The Breslin Just Opened for Lunch - NYC

The Breslin is finally open!  (At least for lunch, anyway)

The much-hyped gastropub is run by Chef April Bloomfield, famous for her restaurant The Spotted Pig, and is one of the most anticipated new openings this year. 

She's known for using every part of the animal in her cooking which to us shows both much respect for the animal as well as some innovative and interesting dishes.

So we decided to splurge...and after seeing the menu and the tables of business lunches around us, definitely wished for a corporate card!

The decor was very woodsy, with dark woodwork and wildlife motifs throughout the space.

Breslin Aberdeen ($9): We started off with The Breslin's house cask beer.  It was a scotch ale type of beer. It was also malty and mellow with subtle hints of smoke. It was a good beer - not too strong nor overpowering - to pair with the meal.

While waiting for our courses,we kept watching the kitchen and Chef Bloomfield (left) in action.  We noticed that she would check each meal and sometimes send plates back when they were not up to her liking.  She also told the staff that they needed to work faster.  It was evident that she was still working out the kinks in the kitchen before they open for dinner (date to be determined).
Onion and Bone Marrow Soup with Parmesan Toast ($10):  This was a good take on the traditional French Onion Soup.  It was rich, salty, and satisfying.
Beef Tongue Sandwich with Lentil Soup ($17):  The char-grilled sandwich was fantastic - the meat was so tender, it melted in our mouths.  There was a nice rich tarragon butter or aioli that gave the sandwich a rich flavor.  The lentil soup was not too savory so it balanced the sandwich; however, we felt the soup was a little too oily for our liking.
Other items on the menu included the Lamb Burger with a large side of fries ($17), which was devoured by the business men beside us, and the Terrine Board of guinea hen with morels, rustic pork, rabbit and prune, and head cheese (small $25, large $42).  For lunch, we could not spend almost $50 for a dish.

We'll definitely check out The Breslin when it is open for dinner (after the kinks are worked out) and the entrees would justify the higher pricing (similar to The Spotted Pig). 

The Breslin is located at The Ace Hotel at 16 W 29th St (btwn Broadway and 5th Aves.) in NYC.


  1. "every part of the animal" - sounds like somewhere Neil would LOVE!!!


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