October 11, 2009

Today's the Last day of Shacktoberfest!

With Shake Shack's Shacktoberfest ending today, we just had to go one last time.

This time we grabbed a beer, sat down at the long checkered picnic benches, listened to the German music, and tried the special Bavarian Inspired concretes: German Chocolate and the Apple Streusel

German Chocolate concrete ($6.75):  This was a chocolate concrete blended with toasted walnuts, coconuts, and caramel.  It was topped with some whipped cream.  We've rarely met a chocolate cake we didn't like, so indulging in its thick ice cream-like form was an experience we'd definitely have all over again!

Apple Streusel concrete ($6.75):  Ours had an abundance of Schlag (whipped cream) on top, so we had to dig in deep in our cup for the concrete.  The Apple Streusel concrete was a vanilla custard mixed with chunks of apples, raisins, and cinnamon streusel in it.  This concrete was rich in fruit and very comforting.  It made us feel like we needed a nice hot cider, roaring fireplace, and a cozy spot to hide from the brisk Fall winds outside. 

And so Shake Shack's Shacktoberfest ends today for another year.  We're looking forward to Shake Shack's next holiday line-up.

Shake Shack is located at 366 Columbus Ave. (at W 77th St) and
the Southeast corner of Madison Square Park, near Madison Ave and E 23rd St.

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