October 2, 2009

Luke's Lobster : Enjoying Yesterday's Catch without Driving to Maine

We have fond memories of vacations in Maine - the sea air, beautiful blue waters, and most of all, lots of fresh-from-the-bay lobsters.

Though we would miss the sea air, we were excited to check out newly opened Luke's Lobster in the East Village to see if we could get our fix of fresh lobster rolls (at only $14!) without the 6 hour drive.

We arrived on opening day (yesterday) and caught a television crew at work (filming for an untitled show).

Luke's Lobster's very first customer (who coincidentally was originally from Maine) being interviewed by the camera crew.

Scanning the menu, we ordered the Lunch Box ($18) which included an Empress Crab Claw (very meaty with almost a sea water brininess), chips, large lobster roll, and Maine soda.  (We chose the ginger brew, which any ginger fan would love.  Plus, this soda pop only had 5 ingredients, which were all understandable:  purified water, fair trade certified organic cane juice, ginger, and spices).
What a deal!  This lobster roll was full of fresh, lobster meat.  The seasoning and dressing was very light, which highlighted the sweetness of the lobster meat.  When speaking to Jeff, Luke's father and owner of Portland Shellfish seafood processing company, we learned that our lobster was just caught the day before (It is immediately cooked and packed in Maine then sent to New York).  We loved that GM Ben could immediately tell us that our lobster was caught in Dyer's Bay in Maine.   
Luke's Lobster  - our new staycation destination - is located at 93 E. 7th St. (btwn 1st Ave and Ave A) in NYC.


  1. The lobster roll looks amazing. I'm glad to see that it is not covered in mayo.

  2. Fresh Local and Best: We thought the exact same thing that it's refreshing not to have a mayo-soaked roll! The lobster definitely stood on its own.


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