October 17, 2009

Fette Sau: Best BBQ in Brooklyn

When a restaurant's name means "Fat Sow" in German, we knew we would not leave the premises hungry.

We met up with friends at Fette Sau, a great barbecue spot in Brooklyn where vegetarians should never tread.

Fette Sau features an ever-changing BBQ menu using organic and/or small family farmed heritage breed animals.  The meat is smoked with a blend of locally sourced red and white oak, maple, beech, and cherry wood.  And it all happens in a former auto repair garage in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Draft beers in mason jars (Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold, Ramstein Unfiltered Pils, and Blue Point Oatmeal Stout).  The coolest part of getting these beers were the taps at the bar:  antique butcher knives.

This Espresso Coffee Soda ($2) from Manhattan Special was rich and made for dark roast coffee lovers.

The cafeteria-style restaurant, with long communal picnic tables, was very busy.  Pricing is by pound, which was a little confusing, but the guy at the counter was very helpful in suggesting the right amounts. 
Couple #1's tray.  We loved the Organic Beef Brisket because it was incredibly juicy and tender.
Couple #2's tray.  We tried the Habanero sauce here and it was very, very spicy.
Our tray - It looks like our friends' trays, but we also added the Berkshire Pig's Tail and lots of Berkshire Pork Belly. The pig's tail uncurls when it's cooked, so it was longer than expected it to be.  Though it was tasty, it was difficult to separate the meat from the cartilage.  The Burnt End Baked Beans was rich and comforting, with chunks of beef in it.   Though the Hand Pulled Berkshire Shoulder was tender, but we preferred the fattier Organic Beef Brisket and Berkshire Belly.
Our overall favorite was the Berkshire Pork Belly.  It was juicy and meaty, with a nice seasoned coating and good char on it. 
Fette Sau is located at 354 Metropolitan Ave (btwn Havemeyer and Roebling) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


  1. Looks wonderful - am forwarding this to a fellow blogger who lives in Brooklyn...

  2. Thanks Mardi! We think Brooklyn is wonderful and enjoy heading out there. We hope your friend enjoys this and all of our other Brooklyn posts!

  3. What a feast of great and flavorful meat. Such a cool restaurant to visit.

  4. You guys are on a roll with all of these awesome places! It looks like Hurley and I need to come out to Williamsburg more often. Fette Sau sounds like a place that we would both enjoy. Can't wait to check it out

  5. This place is right down the street from me and calls my name every time I pass it, but I still haven't managed to get there yet. That pork belly looks craaaaazy, though, and I'm sure I could tempt my boyfriend with the promise of tail.

  6. That's an impressive tray of meat! I like that they served organic brisket!

  7. Hi everyone! The food was fantastic, but we did go vegetarian for a couple of days afterwards! =)


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