October 12, 2009

Eurotrash: New food truck in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

While exploring Williamsburg, Brooklyn, we walked by a former empty lot and found a new food truck, Eurotrash, parked in its place.  It looked out of place, but with an eclectic menu featuring bangers and mash, Swedish meatballs, and deep fried Mars bars, we decided to take the plunge and order a few items from the truck.

Here's the makeshift restaurant with the kitchen in the truck, a covered picnic table for seating, and an ATM in front.
The complete menu.
Corona battered Fish and Chips ($5):  We thought that this was a very generous portion for only $5!  The cod was nice and crisp but because of the wind, we had to quickly eat both large pieces before they got cold!  The chips were plump and addictive as well.
Deep Fried Mars bar ($3):  After hearing much about this dessert, we finally decided to try this indulgent treat.  The coating was thin and chewy  - once we took a bite, it easily slid off the bar.  By frying the Mars bar, the chocolate was nicely melted and the caramel sticky and gooey.
Eurotrash is located on N 3rd St. (btwn Berry and Wythe Sts) in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


  1. Wow, what a great find. Wished I lived in NY right about now.

  2. mmmm - deep fried Mars Bars! Tried these years ago in Scotland...


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