October 28, 2009

Crumbs: Yankees Cupcake All Dressed up For Tonight's Game

With Game 1 of the World Series scheduled for tonight, a couple New York cupcake vendors have started selling specially-decorated Yankees sweet treats.  This morning we heard about Cupcake Stop's ode to the pinstripe' starting line-up and this afternoon,we found the after-school crowd munching on these blue and white cupcakes from Crumbs on the UWS.

We dug right into this light and fluffy vanilla cupcake to find a pale blue frosting center.

We're guessing that Crumbs will continue to sell these cupcakes as long as the series lasts.

Crumbs is found at various locations throughout the city.  We went to the UWS one at 321 1/2 Amsterdam Ave (at W 75th St).


  1. Oh how fun! When I saw the pic, I thought you had made that yourself and was very impressed. I think you need to go back to that store and buy some more!

  2. @Mardi: Crumbs is one of my fave cupcake places and we often treat ourselves to oreo, peanut butter, and raspberry flavors.

    Now I feel a challenge to make some pretty cupcakes...hmm...be on the lookout for a future post! =)

  3. So lazy, just put a plastic yankee logo onto a vanilla cupcake?? And why pale blue inside; nothing to do with the Yankees. WEAK


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