October 16, 2009

Apple picking in the Hudson Valley - Before the Storm!

Brrr! It is so cold outside here in NYC that it seems like we barely enjoyed Autumn and went straight into Winter!

So today, we are going to try and stay warm, enjoy some hot apple cider, and reflect upon our trip last weekend to the New York countryside.  

The Hudson Valley area is just north of New York City.  Many of the area's farmers come down to the city to sell their produce, but we decided to come up and pick our own!

We visited Prospect Hill Orchards (where we've picked peaches and cherries over the summer) to pick some apples and find the perfect pumpkin for our 11 month-old nephew.

So many pumpkins...which one to choose?

We picked a lot of apples (at least one of every variety found in the region:  Cortland, Empire, Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, Fuji, Honeycrisp, Idared, Jonagold, MacIntosh, Red Rome, and Winesap).
Oh, there's our (hay) ride back out of the orchard!
It was a wonderful afternoon, with the air crisp but the sun shining.  We left with a bounty full of apples...and apple donuts, cider, and crisps!
Did we succeed in finding the perfect pumpkin?  After seeing our nephew attempt to fit it in his mouth, we think we did well!

Prospect Hill Orchards is just 2 hours north of NYC in the Hudson Valley.  It is located at 40 Clarkes Lane in Milton, NY.  If you can't make it up to the orchard, you can also find the Prospect Hill fruit stand at the Tucker Square/Lincoln Center Greenmarket (W66th St and Columbus Ave) in NYC.


  1. Ahhh...Autumn in upstate NY. I remember it well. Beautiful pictures!

  2. Looks beautiful! Fall is like a goose in the buns- winter coming soon!

  3. I love to visit Hudson Valley in the fall, so beautiful! Great pictures!

  4. How wonderful that your nephew could help you out! He loved his pumpkin. Even though there are markets here in Westchester, Prospect Hill will always have my loyalty.

  5. Oh I love these photos! Isn't it so comforting to have apple cider after a long cold day of picking apples? or just any cold day?

  6. What a perfect day - and perfect pictures to capture it!

  7. Oh what beautiful pictures. I went to school up near there (Marist College in Poughkeepsie) and loved this time of year. My sister is a senior now and can you believe it was just snowing there! Unfortunately, we won't be able to get up there this fall but there is always next year!

  8. lovely pictures. Oh....I jz don't love cold days.

  9. The lovely pumpkins! They look gorgeous under the beautiful sun and scenery.

  10. Thanks! We had a lovely afternoon - and our nephew (and his proud mama) enjoyed his debut on our website! =)


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