September 12, 2009

T Poutine - Comfort Food on the LES - CLOSED

Update 05/14/10:  T-Poutine has closed.  It may re-open at a new location and/or as a food truck.

We have been anticipating the opening of T Poutine ever since we first saw its unfinished storefront earlier this summer.  Why?  Because we love poutine - the French Canadian dish of French Fries, cheese curds, and gravy.  So when we passed by T Poutine early one Saturday afternoon and saw that it was open, we eagerly decided to check it out. 

Lots of options on the menu...we decided to start with the Classic poutine.  While we waited for our made-to-order dish, we sat at the counter and chatted with Adam as he made our meal.
The space is sleek and modern but tight as is typical for the Lower East Side..
The Classic ($6.75):  Gravy, fries, and the biggest cheese curds we've ever seen/eaten.  The fries were plump and hot while the gravy was nicely seasoned (though a little thinner than Montreal's typical poutine).  Because the cheese curds were so big, they weren't melted enough for our liking.
After seeing the red peppers getting sliced up, we decided to get the Treehugger (with beef gravy, $7.50).  This dish had French fries, huge cheese curds, and sautéed vegetables (mushrooms, red peppers, and onions).  We loved the vegetables added to this dish - the peppers added some sweetness, while the mushrooms and onions added a nice earthiness and texture..
The Montreal Meatlover ($8.50):  We got a glimpse of this poutine made with fries, cheese curds, gravy, and smoked meat.  Adam mentioned it was one of the more popular items on the menu.
Nestled amongst the nightlife of the Lower East Side, this would be a pretty good spot for some very late night snacking.  However, if you're in the neighbourhood, we would recommend checking it out during the day when it's not so packed.  Though it's not as good as Montreal poutine (it's so hard to replicate the original!), it is one of the better versions of poutine we've found in NYC.

T Poutine is located at 168 Ludlow (btwn Houston and Stanton) in NYC.


  1. I will be visiting, never had Poutine before, but heard and read about it alot. One quick question though, where do you get the cheese curds from, or do you make your own.


  2. Hi Deborah - We're not sure where T Poutine gets their cheese curds (we're not affiliated with them) but when we make our own poutine, we try to get curds from the Union Square Greenmarket, Murray's Cheese shop on Bleecker, or have friends ship them from Wisc or Canada. It's hard to find good cheese curds in Manhattan!


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