September 16, 2009

New Malaysia Restaurant - NYC

Leaving the busy streets of Chinatown behind, we duck into the Chinatown Arcade (a passageway) to meet a friend for lunch.  We feel like we're on a covert operation to find some good food.  We find our destination:  New Malaysia Restaurant.  And we eagerly embark on a no frills, flavorful, and cheap lunch.

Malaysian food is a wonderful fusion of Chinese, Indian, and Thai cooking.  We start off with the Roti Canai ($2.95) and are blown away by the explosion of flavors.  We taste some sweetness (from the coconut milk) and love the buttery roti (from the ghee).

Curry Combo of Chicken and Beef Brisket ($5.95):  The meat is tender and the curry is sweet and mild.  This dish is addictive!  
Hainanese Chicken on Rice ($4.95):  This dish was a good value (rice, soup, and chicken for under $5), but not as flavorful as the curry dish.  
Singapore Ice ($3.25):  At first this dessert looks like a gigantic red cherry snow cone...
...and then you dig deeper and find red beans, grass jelly, corn kernels...
It's a sweet mess with different textures, colors, and flavors.  It was interesting and surprisingly not bad at all.
New Malaysia Restaurant is located at 46-48 Bowery St (btwn Bayard and Canal Sts, in the Chinatown Arcade) in New York, NY.

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