September 28, 2009

More Bon Appetit Supper Club pics - Top Chef's Fabio, Iron Chef Cat Cora, and James Beard winner Babbo's Gina DePalma

Last Thursday we went back to the Bon Appetit Supper Club and Cafe to try a few more foods and to meet a couple of TV chef elites - Iron Chef Cat Cora and Top Chef's Fabio Viviani.

Chef Tom Douglas' Rub with Love King Salmon Sandwich ($9.50):  This was a hearty, meaty sandwich complemented by the fennel mayonnaise and nutty arugula lettuce.

Chef Alex Stupak's Yuzu Tart ($3):  If you like lemon, you would love yuzu, a Japanese sour citrus fruit that is used in this tart.  It was airy, silky, and cool.

Baked's Brewer's Bar ($3):  This was rich and dense, filled with pecans and brown sugar.  It was heavier than we expected it to be.

Babbo's pastry chef Gina DePalma shows us how to make Zabaglione, an Italian dessert made of egg and wine.

Here was our individual sample of Chef DePalma's Zabaglione on a hazelnut cake.  This was light, yet satisfying due to the custard-like Zabaglione

Chef Cat Cora, fresh from an appearance at the Today show, shows us how to make her Skirt Steak Tacos with Shiitake Mushroom Salsa

Despite no free samples of this dish, we managed to snag a taco that Cat Cora herself made in the demonstration and offered to us.  The salsa was earthy from the mushrooms yet fresh from the cilantro.  It made this dish.

Chef Fabio Viviani was hilarious - especially when he was confused over how to operate the Induction oven.

The many faces of Fabio:  He emphatically demonstrates how to make his "so easy the 5 guys in the room could make it" pancetta-covered prawns with spinach and polenta.  We loved his charming broken English, which he mentioned was how his cookbook was written.  (His publisher even mentions on the book jacket that no grammatical corrections were made to ensure the authenticity of the chef's voice.)

His completed dish - Chef Fabio Viviani’s Gamberoni In Camicia.  It looked beautiful and seemed really easy to make.  Though we did not get a sample, we managed to get a photo with our favorite Top Chef contestant!

The Bon Appetit Supper Club and Cafe had ended for this year and we look forward to checking out next year's installment.


  1. Ugh! I should have made a better effort to see all of the cooking demonstrations. It looks like a great time!

  2. Sooooo soooooo soooooo envious!!!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Fresh Local and Best - Hopefully we'll meet each other at another NY event!

    eatlivetravelwrite - All those Fabio shots are just for you! =)


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