September 20, 2009

Last Days of Sept flavors at Shake Shack

With only a week and a half left in September, we're reminded of one thing:  there's only 1-2 more chances for us to enjoy Shake Shack's September custards!  In addition to trying Thursday's Balsamic Fig custard, we also could not resist tasting Monday's Coffee and Donuts and Wednesday's Cinnamon Almond Horchata.  

Cinnamon Almond Horchata:  Curious about this flavor (we liked 2 of the 3 words we understood!), we asked and soon found out that "Horchata" is a Mexican drink (we later learned it was a cold, milky drink made out of rice).  The custard itself was silky, cool, light, and fresh.    

We thought we'd have some fun plating our Coffee and Donut custard.  This custard contained chunks of Doughnut Plant donuts - if we could have our breakfast like this everyday, our mornings would definitely be a lot sweeter (pun intended)!

The other flavors of the month we have yet to try are Red Velvet (Tuesday), Saffron Pistachio (Friday), Caramel Apple (Saturday), and Shirley Temple (Sunday).

Shake Shack is located at 366 Columbus Ave (at W 77th St.) in NYC.


  1. Thank you! When you come here to celebrate your birthday, we'll make sure you get to hit up Shake Shack every day!

  2. I am crossing my fingers the trip will happen!!!


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