September 9, 2009

Figs and Balsamic Vinegar - For Salads...and Ice Cream?

We love adding fresh figs to our salads.  With balsamic vinegar, figs add a nice sweetness and softer texture to our greens.  So we thought we would share what's in this easy salad...and show you the Balsamic Fig frozen custard we got from Shake Shack.

We easily put together this salad with a bag of mixed greens, goat cheese, fresh figs (sliced), olive oil, and balsamic vinegar. It's a great mix of sweet and tang. The goat cheese adds a nice earthiness to the salad.
Coincidentally, Shake Shack is currently offering its Balsamic Fig frozen custard on Thursdays in September. We can definitely taste the sweetness of the figs and on some bites, there's a subtle balsamic vinegar flavor.
Shake Shack is located at 366 Columbus Ave (at W 77th St.).


  1. STOP tormenting us with the delights of the Shake Shack!!! NOT FAIR that you get such deliciousness!!!

    Seriously though - I just tasted figs for the first time in my adult life and LOVED them!! This salad looks divine!

  2. Mardi - You've got to come and visit your sister...just for Shake Shack!

  3. Both of these look awesome! I just bought a vanilla/fig Balsamic vinegar It would be a great topper to both!

  4. Ooh - vanilla/fig balsamic vinegar sounds wonderful!

  5. High/low - I am actually crossing my fingers that a 40th birthday celebration next May(mine - ugh!) will work out with a trip to NYC to meet up with my best childhood friend from Australia and SS would DEFINITELY be on the list!!!


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