September 8, 2009

Dumpling Man - Cheap Eats in the East Village

The words "Happy Hour" usually evoke a few smiles out of us...and when it comes to good food, it makes us even happier.  So when we passed by Dumpling Man's sign promoting 6 dumplings plus drink for $3.50 from 3-5pm (Monday-Friday), we were intrigued.  When we realized it was 4:55pm, we rushed inside to check out this deal.

We entered a small, narrow, but modern restaurant filled with delicious smells. The menu was filled with many dumpling options, hot sauce sides, and desserts like shaved ice (one customer walked out with a mouth-watering plate of shaved ice with bright mango slices on top).  But we came for the made-to-order dumplings.

The best seats in the house are right in front of the dumpling-making station.

We ordered the seared shrimp dumplings - they were nice and crispy on the outside...
...and stuffed with corn, shrimp, white fish, ginger, and black beans.   
We watched the women quickly and perfectly stuff and fold the dumplings.
Lots of chicken (yellow), veggie (green), and shrimp (white) dumplings ready to be steamed or seared!

Dumpling Man is located at 100 St. Marks Place (btwn 1st and 2nd Aves).

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  1. Oooh - I like the look of this. We found a wonderful dumpling place in NYC a couple of years ago but it was a bit more chic than this - I like the authenticity of this place! Again, it's going on the list!


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