September 18, 2009

Calexico Cart redux - Just Missing Mayor Bloomberg, but Finally Getting Some Pulled Pork

A few weeks ago, we headed to Calexico Cart in search of their popular pulled pork tacos.  Our avid readers will remember that the last time we went, braving the heat and long waits, we were dismayed to be denied the pork (it was sold out, so we consoled ourselves by ordering everything else on the menu!).

This time, the weather was nice, the crowds were not as large as before, and we narrowly missed our chance to be on television.  We later learned that the television crew had just filmed Mayor Bloomberg enjoying a taco with extra peppers from Calexico.  On the bright side, we happily ordered a couple of new (to us) tacos:  the special Ground Beef taco and the much anticipated (again, by us) Chipotle Pork taco and burrito.

While we waited for our order, we were enjoying the view...

...of the FOOD, of course!

Special Ground Beef taco ($3):  The fresh tomato, onion, and cilantro salsa was fresh and light.  We loved the well-seasoned beef.

The Chipotle Pork taco ($3):  We love the delicate, tender pork and only wish there was more!  Not pictured is the Chipotle Pork burrito which was also delicious (the mouth was faster than the camera!).  The black beans in the burrito had great texture and were not soggy or watery.

Calexico Cart is located at the corner of Wooster and Prince.

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