August 2, 2009

Wasatch Brew Pub - Park City, UT

The other Utah brewery we stopped at was Wasatch Brew Pub. The large restaurant (with outdoor patio) and bar is found on Main Street in Park City, UT. Wasatch, led by its founder Greg Schirf, was a pioneer amongst Utah breweries and brew pubs. After years of competition, Wasatch partnered with Squatters to increase their combined market share and to showcase Utah beers to the world.

Left to right (all are 4% ABV):
1. Summer: This was a bready, dry, and light session beer. It was not really bitter. It was supposed to be Kolsch style.
2. Full Suspension Pale Ale: This was the hoppiest of the Wasatch beers we tried. It had a pale orange color, more taste, but still a light finish.
3. Polygamy Porter: This was the best amongst the 3 beers we tasted. It was slightly thinner style not heavy, with a trace of smoke, and a burnt and bitter coffee flavor.

Squatters IPA ($4.95, 6% ABV): This was citrusy, light pine nose, subtle IPA hoppiness but not over the top. We really liked this one, because it was a full IPA but still almost session style.

Wasatch Brew Pub is located at 205 S Main Street.

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