August 22, 2009

Sweet Corn Custard at Shake Shack

Craving a sweet treat, we hurried out last night before any potential storm could hit, to the UWS Shake Shack.

The Friday custard of Tomato Watermelon did not appeal to us, but we were excited about grabbing a pint ($4) of Thursday's custard - Sweet Corn.

So what did we think?Well, we were surprised that were no corn kernels in it (we just added them to the photo for "artistic effect"). How did it taste? We agreed that it didn't really taste like corn to us - it actually tasted more like cantaloupe.

With ice cream, though, the most important question is: Did we finish the bowl? Yes! Only our artistic corn kernels were left behind!


  1. I am excited to try this next time I am in NYC...

  2. i've always been curious about sweet corn ice cream in general...never had it! not sure about cantaloupe though...

  3. mardi - I'll come up with a few NYC food walking tours whenever you come down...there's so much to try!

  4. dina - it was a little strange to have the sweet corn ice cream; some people think they taste the corn the more they have it...We didn't think we would've thought it was corn at all if we did a blind taste test!


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