August 26, 2009

Square Donut at Doughnut Plant

How could we resist? It had been awhile since we last indulged at Doughnut Plant and we were in the area. In addition to our favorite creme brulee doughnut, we also bought the square peanut butter doughnut with blueberry jam filling.

What did our first square doughnut taste like? This doughnut was fantastic! The peanut butter glaze melted in our mouths - it was so smooth. The blueberry jam filling took us back to our childhood...when our families would stop by the roadside fruit stand and buy fresh blueberries. Chef and owner Mark Israel - you are a creative genius!

Doughnut Plant is located at 379 Grand St. (at Norfolk St.) in New York, NY.


  1. These donuts sound great! Very unlike your normal donut. Creme Brulee Donut? yes please!

  2. They were really good! The Creme Brulee works really well especially because the top is slightly caramelized like the real thing!

  3. Hmmm - another place to add to our lists...
    I LOVE the idea of the crème brûlée donut - and I don't even really like donuts.... This looks too intriguing to NOT check out!


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