August 5, 2009

South Philadelphia Tap Room

The South Philly Tap Room was recommended by a bunch of locals, so we stopped by since we heard they might have Founders beers on tap. There were a handful of locals sipping some great microbrews mid-afternoon on a Saturday. Overall, the bar has a decent selection of rotating drafts and cask beer.
Founders Dumbo Head Wheat Ale ($5, 6%): This was the only Founders beer available so we tried a pint. We love Founders, however, we don't usually care for wheat beers. This was one of the better wheat beers we've had, most are too sweet and not very good. It was light, carbonated, with orange peel, a little hoppiness and sweetness but is a relatively drier style wheat. This is not the best beer or our favourite style but it still beats most popular wheat beers.

We also had a pint of the Duck Rabbit Milk Stout ($5, 5.7%), brewed in Farmville, NC. We liked the roast coffee with some sweetness and bitterness. A little thin for our liking, but worth a try.

The South Philadelphia Tap Room is located at 1509 Mifflin Street near S. Broad Street in Philadelphia.


  1. I've heard of the South Philly Taproom a number of times, but have never made it there. Its going on my itinerary for the next trip in September.

    If you have time, I just wrote an article about Philly foods other than the cheesesteak [], and I also have a piece about anOrange Blossom Pilsner-a microbrew developed in Orlando [ ]where I now live.

    Glad to meet you online and I'm looking forward to more Philly discoveries.

  2. Thanks! We actually did read your guest blog on - it was great! We'll take a look at your Orlando piece - always love hearing about new microbrews!


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