August 7, 2009

peach and blueberry galette

It's peach-picking time! We recently went back to Prospect Hill Orchards (where we went cherry-picking) and came back with a bag full of sweet peaches. We decided to make a very easy galette (a French flat and crusty tart) based on an old Cooking Light recipe and our go-to easy crust recipe.

Ingredients (makes 2 galettes):
2 cups flour
pinch of salt
2/3 cup canola oil
1/3 cup milk

2-3 fresh peaches, cut into slices
1 cup blueberries
1/4 cup sugar
2 tbsp apricot preserves

Preheat oven to 425 F.
Mix flour and salt.
Mix oil and milk in separate container.
Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients.
Combine everything together and split the dough into 2 balls.
Place one ball in between 2 sheets of plastic wrap or wax paper.
Roll the dough into a roughly 12-inch circle.
Place dough on a greased or foil/parchment lined baking sheet

Combine peaches, blueberries, and sugar in a bowl.
Add half of the mixture to the rolled-out dough, leaving a 3-inch border.
Fold edges of dough toward center, pressing gently to seal (dough will only partially cover peach mixture).
Brush half of melted preserves over peach mixture and edges of dough.
Repeat above with second ball of dough.

Bake at 425° for 10 minutes. Reduce oven temperature to 350° (do not remove galette from oven); bake an additional 20 minutes or until lightly browned.

Sprinkle with 1 tablespoon of sugar (if desired). Serve warm or at room temperature. (We served ours with homemade blueberry ice-cream)

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